LoL Beginnerの観戦日記

コロナがきっかけでLoL始めました. プロの試合を観戦するのにはまったので, ついでに記録を残すためのブログです.


Simple Idea Made Prediction Model Understand the Difference in Time-Dependent Features of Champions 【LoL】【ML】

My last article was somewhat abstract, writing about the concept of "Bli2kun Project".This time, I'm reporting on a simple idea that yielded some interesting results. I hope you will enjoy reading it more than last time. Challenge: How to …

"Bli2kun Project" Start!! Predict the Win Team from Picked Champions Using ML or DL methods.【LoL】

Hey guys, how are you enjoying Worlds 2020?I enjoy watching WCS games myself, of course. I just started LoL this spring after Corona, and a lot of the pro games are exciting for me. I try to share my impressions and original content on my …